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Not many travelers know a whole beachside community exists just a short drive from the city center.On a sunny summer day, spending time on the Attiki coast is just like spending time on a Greek island.Be yourselves, be natural and enjoy the nature of naturist campsites in Croatia!Clambering off the boat in the whitewashed harbour of this diminutive Aegean jewel you can hardly believe your eyes.It would be breaking a promise to Theo Kalygros, son of the owner of Camping Antiparos, to disclose who’s been quietly buying up land here to hide away from the paps.But let’s just say that Antiparos has attracted its own pantheon of A-list deities.So let’s take a look at some of the finest strips of beach (unintentional pun) that are made for skinny dipping and nude sunbathing This 7km stretch if beach is one of the longest in Europe, which means that not only will you be able to enjoy it without your clothes, but you’ll have plenty of space to frolic in the sun all day.

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This area is perfect for those who want a bit of seclusion by tucking into one of the many small coves dotted around the beach.This is a list of beautiful free beaches in Athens that you can enjoy without an entrance cost. The cost for such rentals typically start at €4 and up, per chair.Sometimes, you just have to order a coffee or drink from a beach bar or taverna that owns those seats, and the seat is yours for the day!a day at the beach can be the most relaxing thing on Earth.That is, if you don’t spend the following few hours tirelessly scrubbing the sand out of your swimsuit and the whole next day contorting your body into positions with the aim of evening out your tan lines. Scattered throughout Europe are some of the most beautiful beaches, which just so happen to encourage the au natural holidaymaker.Situated in the greenery of the Mediterranean vegetation, naturist campsites irresistibly beckon to the primeval return to nature.