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This is similar to any old fashioned chat room in the sense that you can see everybody else who is in the same room, and you all can talk to one another at the same time.

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For example, displaying the contents of a single record of data is a necessary practice when you build master/detail views. NET 2.0, the Details View control renders a single record at a time from its associated data source, optionally providing paging buttons to navigate between records and Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) capabilities.You can customize the user interface of the Details View control to a large extent.The You didn’t manually write any code to interact with the database in this exercise, but you got a lot of functionality simply by dragging and dropping a database table.To see how it works, take a look at the source that VS generated.Note that you can’t delete genres that have one or more reviews attached to them. Chapter 15 digs much deeper into changing the user interface (UI) to disable the Delete links so users can no longer accidentally click them.

It s fairly common for Web applications to work on a single record at a time.The reason is because the List View is defined by templates whereas the Grid View and Details View are defined by fields.Many fields types, such as the Bound Field, can generate their own editing interface, but with templates the page developer is on the hook for specifying the editing interface.First, look at the markup for the attribute in a different location. NET controls, the order of attributes in the control declaration doesn’t matter.A couple of interesting things are worth examining. You normally only need these if your column or table name contains a special character such as a space or the name matches a reserved word.Detail View is one of the important control, that is mainly used in master-detail scenario.