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I was extremely skeptical about going out with him but he pretty much convinced me to give him a chance.

I know you must be thinking i sound a little desperate but I tried to be open-minded and non-judgemantal as I am aware we all have made mistakes in the past.

Is there a chance he will have a relapse now, and what can I do to prevent it, and how would I know, as I have NO idea with drugs, weed is the only thing I've ever done.

Some of my friends got hooked themselves doing this. I told him he should go get some help, he told me AGAIN that he can do it by himself.

getting involved will help him get better in the long run... It never worked out well for me when I was doing that stuff......a matter of fact, it didn't turn out well for anyone I knew who was trying to keep people off drugs. Its hard 2 leave him after almost 2 yrs of helping him!

He is just about ready to move out of the halfway house but we are constantly getting into arguments bc I am frustrated and annoyed bc a. he doesnt have a car (so wherever we go I usually have to drive, although he does pay for dinner, movies, etc.) c. He has sworn to me that he would NEVER ever use drugs again and wants to start his life and looks forward to a happy future etc. Should I just wait it out for him to get his life back on track, ie, car, job, apartment. Thank you There is no way I would date an ex herion addict. He has to straighten out his life for him, by him, and through him. You should examine why you would want to hitch your wagon to this star. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but this seems like a no brainer to me, I just wish for you to avoid the road ahead. Hi, I am a 30 year old woman that has recently met a man this summer.

He has also told me that he is looking for a job but I just dont think he is that serious about it, to me he seems a little lazy about it and is taking his time. Is this the first time you have been involved with an addictive person? We have been dating seriously for the past two months.